Walkway Repaired Quickly and Easily

Not too long ago, we were contacted by one of our neighbors that had a cement walkway leading from her driveway to her front door. Unfortunately, over the years it had come into some damage and looked really shabby and uneven. She wanted us to come out to give her an estimate on the Howell concrete leveling.

We met with the homeowner and we started evaluating and inspecting the concrete lifting project. There was extensive damage, but we provided her with an estimate, and she wanted us to start as soon as we could. We let her know that by having us do the concrete leveling done on the walkway she would be saving up to 80% of the cost of having an entire new walkway installed, and she was happy with this news. We also told her that we were going to return the following morning to start the project.

The concrete leveling was underway.

The crew started working on the walkway. The crew was going to use mudjacking to repair all the uneven surfaces in the cement walkway. The crew cleaned the surface of the cement to remove any dirt and debris, then they started drilling numerous one inch holes in the cement that was sunken. We did this so that we could pump in a masonry compound mixture that would gently and slowly raise the sunken concrete until it was completely level and back into its original location. Once the mixture was pumped in precisely, the crew started closing and sealing each hole that was drilled with a cement mixture. The cement mixture is durable and strong along with being non-noticeable. It blended right in with the original cement appearance. The crew also filled in a few cracks that were present in the cement, too.

We did this sidewalk repair using concrete lifting in Howell - Lift and Level

We were able to repair the large walkway in just a couple of days, which required some extensive mudjacking as well as sealing. Ultimately, it still ended up being significantly less costly than having the whole pathway replaced, and the owner of the house was very happy with our work. The homeowner said that she had been dealing with this problem for quite some time and if she knew that the cost of the concrete leveling was that affordable she would have contacted us much sooner. She said we are the only concrete contractor that she will ever contact in the future, because we did a fantastic job for her.