Uneven Driveway Repaired Instead of Replaced

A Farmington Hills homeowner contacted Lift and Level. He explained that he had an uneven driveway that had been damaged the year before. The homeowner thought that he would have to have the driveway replaced, because it was extremely uneven. The Lift and Level experts set up a no-obligation consultation to meet with the homeowner and look over his driveway. The Lift and Level specialists arrived at the home and the homeowner was pleased to see them. He showed us his driveway and how uneven it was, and we knew we could easily do another concrete leveling in Farmington Hills. He said that his wife’s coworker told her about Lift and Level, and the homeowner thought that it wouldn’t hurt to ask before he went ahead with an entire overhaul of his driveway.

The Lift and Level team inspected the concrete, then let the homeowner know that we could level the driveway without any problems. We also told him that once the driveway was level he could use it immediately and we would be able to have it done in one day. The homeowner was ecstatic, and asked when we could start, so we scheduled the concrete leveling Farmington Hills homeowners would appreciate. The crew arrived as scheduled and started drilling holes in the concrete, then pumping the masonry compound mixture in the holes. In no time at all the concrete driveway was level for the customer. The customer and his wife said they were so happy that they called Lift and Level for concrete leveling in Farmington Hills, because we just saved them a ton of money in a driveway replacement.