Sidewalk Repaired at Restaurant Site

A few weeks ago, the owner of a burger place contacted Lift and Level. The owner explained that the sidewalk at the business was in disrepair due to the salt from the winter months that had eroded it. He needed quality concrete lifting in Livonia. The owner needed to have the sidewalk tended to immediately because he didn’t want any of his customers to trip and fall on the sidewalk. He called Lift and Level for an estimate, but only because a friend of his had told him about us. The owner was thinking that the sidewalk would have to be replaced and there was no way to repair it, but after we arrived he was happy with the news that we gave him.

The Lift and Level specialists went to the restaurant and inspected the sidewalk. Our team let the owner know that we could repair the concrete with no problems, then we gave him the estimate. The owner was very happy with the news and asked us to do the work ASAP, which the crew did. The crew worked non-stop until the sidewalk was repaired and safe. The customer was thrilled with the quick and remarkable work that Lift and Level had provided for him. The customer said he was glad that he decided not to have the sidewalk completely replaced, and elated that Lift and Level saved him quite a bit of money too. He said that Lift and Level provides quality concrete repair Livonia businesses can rely upon.