Homeowners Relieved at Affordable Work done Well

A homeowner who had a driveway that was really broken up and not looking good contacted us. The needed our Plymouth Concrete leveling services quickly. One of the panels had separated into three big chucks, with some very sharp corners threatening to do damage to their vehicles tires. They called us in to see if the driveway could be saved, and we were able to assess the damages and give them an estimate on the driveway repair job.

We explained to the homeowners that mudjacking and sealing work would level the driveway panels and it would be back in its original form. We told them that we would drill holes in the concrete in different locations, then we would pump in a masonry mixture that would safely facilitate the concrete lifting.  It is an affordable way to do driveway and sidewalk repairs safely. We told the homeowners that not only is the concrete leveling affordable, but it also is strong, durable, and they would be able to use the driveway almost immediately. They agreed that the concrete leveling would be way cheaper, especially since they had also considered having an asphalt driveway poured.

Concrete leveling in Plymouth was scheduled to start.

An example of repaired concrete after concrete leveling in PlymouthOur team arrived on time on the day that we were scheduled to start the concrete lifting and concrete repair. The team started drilling one inch sized holes in different areas of the concrete. The team then started mixing the masonry compound mixture that we will pump into the holes, so the concrete lifting will bring everything back to its original place slowly. Once we had the concrete lifted, the team sealed all the holes that was drilled, so the driveway would be smooth, and the driveway repair was completed for the homeowners.

The homeowners were pleasantly surprised to see that we were able to get the concrete lifting and cement repairs done in just a few hours. They asked us again when they could use the driveway and we told them that it would be just a few hours, which was still a surprise to them. The customers thanked us for doing a great job, and for having it done so quickly, too. The customers also said that they would surely let their family members and friends know that if they need any concrete leveling done in Plymouth to give us a call, because we really impressed them with our knowledge, professionalism, and affordability.