Garage Floor in Milford Needs Repair

A retired engineer need concrete leveling in Milford contacted us. He was needing concrete floor repairs in his basement after a pipe had burst last winter. He was very worried that there might be extensive damage to the foundation. We let him know that our crew would come out that afternoon, so we could check out the foundation for him.

We arrived at the home and the homeowner led us to the basement. We checked everything out thoroughly and the only damage was on the floor. We gave him an estimate and he wanted us to start as soon as we could, so we started the concrete repair at that time.

The Concrete Lifting was Underway

The crew started drilling several small holes that were about one inch into the concrete that was sunken, then we started pumping in a compound mixture of masonry into the holes. As the mixture was being pumped into the holes, the surface of the sunken concrete was slowly raised back into the original place. When the sunken concrete was even and level, the crew sealed each hole that was drilled with a mixture of cement, so the concrete would be strong, durable, and a level surface.

We did this concrete leveling in Milford - Lift and Level

We were able to get the floor back up from its sunken position and sealed in no time at all. The homeowner was very thankful and was amazed at how efficient and clean the process was. He said if he knew that the cement repair was going to be that affordable and quick, he would have called us out sooner. The homeowner said he was very worried that he was going to have to have an entire new foundation built and that would have cost him thousands of dollars. He said he was very pleased that he called Lift and Level out, because we not only did the job quickly, but the concrete leveling was affordable and within his budget. The crew told him that we saved him up to eighty percent of the cost for an entire new foundation, and the homeowner’s mouth opened up wide as he didn’t realize how much that would’ve costed him.

The crew told the customer that if he had any problems with the concrete leveling that we performed to just give us a call, but that rarely happens, because anytime we do a concrete leveling project the area will remain in its place and the concrete mixture is strong and very durable.