Concrete Lifting Saves Patio

A homeowner in Novi had a back patio that had suffered from neglect for the past few seasons. The patio was so uneven that it was basically unusable. The homeowner called Lift and Level for the best concrete lifting in Novi, and they were not disappointed with our services. The Lift and Level crew arrived at the Novi residence as scheduled. The homeowners showed the crew the patio and explained that they both started having health issues the past few years and just didn’t have the time or money to do the upkeep on the concrete patio, but their kids decided to have the patio repaired for them.

The Lift and Level crew assured the couple that we would indeed be able to repair the patio for them and in no time at all they could be sitting on it and enjoying it. The crew began drilling quarter sized holes into the concrete, then the crew started pumping the masonry mixture into the drilled holed. As the mixture was being pumped into the holes, the concrete was slowly raised back into its original place. When the concrete was completely leveled the crew followed by sealing the holes. The crew let the couple know that their patio was repaired and they could start enjoying it over the next couple days. The couple looked at the patio and they were very happy with the work. The couple said that Lift and Level is the only concrete lifting company Novi residents should contact for quality concrete lifting.