How Much Does Concrete Leveling Cost?

We often get the question, “How much does concrete leveling cost?” Having concrete raising performed is just a fraction of the cost of having it replaced. There are different factors that determine the cost of  lifting, because each surface is different and unique.

Concrete Leveling Costs:

The Lift and Level leveling experts will arrive at your home or business and inspect the condition of the concrete. The experts will measure the dimensions of the sunken or damaged area, then determine how deep it has settled and if any other areas are sunken and needing to be raised. We’ll then determine if slabjacking or mudjacking are appropriate methods to use. The Lift and Level experts will check to see if any voids are present, then provide the customer with an accurate estimate.We determined the concrete leveling cost for this customer and gave them an estimate for their driveway

If Lift and Level is hired for the concrete leveling, then the crew will start drilling small holes into the slab, then we uses our leveling equipment, which will hydraulically lift the slab up so we can pump in a mixture of cement and limestone. This will be pumped into the holes that we drilled out. Once the mixture has been successfully pumped into the cement and all voids are filled, then the slab has been raised and will be completely level. The concrete leveling process is fairly quick and there are many benefits to having cement leveling done.


  • Concrete leveling can cost 50% less than having full replacement done
  • The surface can be used immediately
  • Prevents any injuries or accidents
  • Affordable
  • Long lasting
  • Provides an effective solution
  • Eco-friendly
  • Mixture is made of natural ingredients
  • No need for disposal of old surface
  • No demolition needed
  • Landscaping is unaffected
  • And many more…

Homeowners and business owners often wonder if all areas can be leveled and the answer to that is generally, yes. Most slabs can be leveled. If the concrete is in good condition, then it can be leveled. If the surface has large areas that are crumbled or deteriorated, then total replacement may be recommended.

Leveling can last a homeowner a lifetime if the project has accurate amounts of natural materials pumped beneath the concrete. Doing this will stabilize the soil and support the concrete.

When Should Concrete be Leveled?

Leveling of your surface is best done from April 1st through December first due to the fact that the material that will be pumped through the drilled holes is mixed with water and can affect the equipment we use in the months where there are freezing conditions.

The process can be done on sidewalks, driveways, garage floors, and just about any cement surface.

If your home or business has a surface that needs leveling, then contact Lift and Level today. We provide a no-obligation consultation.