Concrete Floor Fix Creates New Workspace

Recently Lift and Level was contacted by a hobbyist mechanic in Canton. The mechanic wanted to work on his cars in his newly air conditioned garage this summer. After the mechanic had the air conditioner installed he remembered that the garage floor needed to be fixed. The floor had been damaged several years prior and needed repair, so he called Lift and Level for the best concrete floor leveling in Canton.

The Lift and Level crew arrived at the Canton home and was taken into the garage. The crew let the homeowner know that they would have the garage floor leveled in just a few hours. The crew started drilling small holes in the concrete and once the holes were drilled the crew started pumping in a compound mixture that is safe for the environment. The crew pumped in the mixture until the concrete floor was level, then they started cleaning up the floor because our crew never leaves a mess when the project is completed. The customer came in as the crew was putting away the equipment and he looked over our work. The customer said he was impressed with the leveled floor and now could start working on his cars in his air conditioned garage. The customer said that Lift and Level is the concrete floor leveling specialists in Canton and he was very happy with the work that we provided for him and his garage. Lift and Level is the only concrete floor leveling professionals in Canton to call for all concrete leveling projects.