Complete Concrete Repair after Spring Cleaning

Recently, Lift and Level received a call from a homeowner in Livonia. The homeowner was doing some spring cleaning and quickly realized that his driveway was completely uneven after the snow had melted. He called Lift and Level after getting outrageous quotes on replacing his driveway. The Lift and Level experts arrived at the home and the homeowner met them, then showed them the driveway and the condition it was in. The experts inspected the driveway thoroughly, then gave the man an estimate for the Livonia concrete leveling that he was truly impressed with and hired the team on the spot.

The Lift and Level team arrived the following day and started leveling the concrete driveway. The team worked non-stop until the driveway was level and safe by that afternoon. After we had finished the concrete leveling in Livonia the customer’s driveway looked nearly new. He had also saved a ton of money, which was pleasing to the customer. Lift and Level heard from the customer a few days later. The customer just wanted to thank the entire Lift and Level team for doing a great job and at a price that he was able to afford. The customer said that the driveway looks totally transformed and he was very happy with the work that our company had performed for him. He said that he is happy that he called Lift and Level for the best, yet affordable concrete leveling Livonia homeowners would appreciate and trust. The customer said he would pass on to his family and friends about the great concrete leveling services that we provided for him.