Complete Concrete Leveling Service to Repair Home Workout Space

Recently, Lift and Level received a call from a gym enthusiast. He had turned his garage into a workout space and gym. Throwing heavy weights around in the space had caused a huge crack in the concrete floor, and an uneven driveway had made this problem even worse. He decided to call us as his concrete contractor in Northville to save the situation before things got even worse.

We set up a convenient time that we could evaluate the concrete and our qualified team met with the homeowner on that day. We looked over the driveway and garage floor and suggested concrete lifting for both areas. We explained to the homeowner that we use a patented process that will raise sunken concrete and the concrete leveling would be stable and secure. This was especially important for the garage floor repair, because leaving it unattended would probably end up damaging the driveway even if fixed it now. We gave him a price that was within his budget and he ended up using us for both the driveway repairs and garage floor repair, which we were more than happy to do.

The concrete leveling appointment began shortly

This job was great and out our concrete leveling to the test - we also did garage floor repairs at this northville homeOur crew arrived on the day that the customer requested. The crew started on the garage floor first. The crew started using the patented process where we started drilling small one inch holes in the concrete, then the crew started pumping in the slurry mixture into the holes. As the mixture pumped into the concrete, the floor started to slowly lift back into the original form. The mixture that we pump into the void is strong and durable along with being safe for the environment. After the garage floor repairs were completed the crew did the same procedure on the sunken driveway. We were able to have both projects completed in one full day. The crew was happy to have a really straightforward job with no unforeseen obstacles arising.

The customer pulled up just as the crew was packing up to go home. The customer couldn’t believe that we had all of the concrete repairs done so quickly. He looked at his garage floor and the driveway and was amazed. He told us that he was highly impressed with all the work that we done, but especially the driveway repair. He had always been worried about it causing damage to someone’s car. He thanked the crew repeatedly for providing him with the best concrete repair work and for being such a solid concrete leveling company.