Being Able to Park Outside is Great

A homeowner called us looking for a great concrete leveling company. He was thinking about buying a new car that would have to be parked outside year-round. The man realized that if he parked a truck on his already uneven driveway it would just make it worse. He was really hoping that he wouldn’t have to have the whole thing replaced, because that would probably eliminate the possibility of being able to purchase the new vehicle that he had been wanting for some time. He called us as the expert concrete levelers in  Brighton, and we were happy to come out to our neighbor’s location for an estimate.

We met with the homeowner and started inspecting his driveway. Luckily, we informed him that we could fix his driveway without costing him a ton of money. We told him we could perform concrete lifting and this would provide him with an even driveway that would be sturdy, secure, and stable. The homeowner would be able to park his truck on the driveway along with any new vehicle without any worries of the driveway sinking in again in the future. The homeowner was thrilled at this news and asked us when we could start the driveway repair, so we set up a date that worked for the homeowner.

The concrete leveling and repair began

We were able to serve our neighbor with concrete leveling in Brighton - Lift and LevelThe crew arrived at the Brighton residence on time. Each of the crewmembers said they were happy that it wasn’t too hot and that there was no rain in the forecast, so they could get the concrete leveling done on time. The crew started the concrete leveling process. This included drilling small holes in the concrete, then pumping the concrete mixture compound into the holes so the concrete would slowly raise. The concrete would soon be level, providing a sturdy and stronger driveway for the customer. The crew worked non-stop until the driveway was back in its original position, then the crew filled all the holes.

The crew had the concrete lifting completed, then headed to the next customer. The homeowner contacted our concrete repair company office the following day. He just wanted to let us know that he was very happy with the driveway repair that we provided for him. He said he is planning on purchasing that new car on the weekend and he is happy he won’t have to worry about parking it on the driveway. We were the exact concrete leveling company he needed to fix his driveway. We let him know that if he needed any other concrete repairs around his home in the future to just give us a call and we would be right out.